Spring / Summer 2016

Following on from last season's study of the sinew and muscle of the human body, Shao Yen has turned his focus toward the joints, where bone meets bone, and examined ways in which movement, speed and agility can be expressed through fabric, print and construction.

Taking inspiration from the abstract collages of German-French Dada artist Jean Arp, garments are pieced together with uneven scraps of fabric in a seemingly random manner to create a breezy, unfinished look. More literal interpretations of the artist's mounted woodcut reliefs take the form of leopard print, itself a distinctly recognisable yet random collection of irregular rounded shapes. A lightweight duster coat is fastened with an abstract section, a distorted leopard print used to give a sense of speed and

A dress formed of long strips held together with large criss-cross stitches and as the body moves, a layer of the same print is revealed beneath, demonstrating Shao Yen's continued exploration of garment construction. Draped and gathered fabrics draw across the abdomen and lend a fluid, graceful movement to printed skirts and dresses that hang loosely to the calf. The palette is kept low-key, allowing the various prints and construction methods to remain the focus.

For spring/summer '16 Shao Yen also adds to the collection some jewellery in collaboration with Niza Huang. Organic forms crafted in silver and agate are created with the curving lines of Arp's work in mind.

This season we are presenting the collection in Paris Fashion Week through a multi-disciplinary exhibition with installation art using electric fans and music by Tomoko Sauvage.